Tongue-tie. Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is a condition in which an unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue (lingual frenulum) tethers the bottom of the tongue's tip to the floor of the mouth. If necessary, tongue-tie can be treated with a surgical cut to release the frenulum (frenotomy). Ankyloglossia, also known as tongue-tie, is a congenital oral anomaly that may decrease the mobility of the tongue tip and is caused by an unusually short, thick lingual frenulum, a membrane connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Ankyloglossia varies in degree of severity from mild cases characterized by mucous membrane bands to complete ankyloglossia whereby the ... Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding, and More is an exhaustive and informative guide to this misunderstood affliction. Along with a team of medical specialists, author Dr. Richard Baxter demystifies tongue-ties and spells out how this condition can be treated safely, comfortably, and comprehensively. Cross one end of the lace diagonally over the tongue. Insert the lace into the second eyelet from the bottom. feed the lace through the eyelet and over. Once you have strung one lace through the next eyelet, repeat with the other. Your laces should now be on the outside of your boot. Watch video Hot Aspen Rae Tongue And Finger Fucks Sweet Elle Alexandra! on Redtube, home of free Brunette porn videos and Teens (18+) sex movies online. Video length: (5:15) - Uploaded by I Kiss Girls - Starring Pornstars: Aspen Rae, Elle Alexandra New single “Deleter” available now! Pre-order ‘Healer’, out 3/13: Rumours -- Av...

2022.01.22 21:35 JosephStalin1953 DONT LEAVE ME TONGUE TIED

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2022.01.22 21:35 Legion357 Anyone see these?

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2022.01.22 21:35 Ice_cold_witch please give me reasons to live

i dont want to be here anymore but i cant leave my little sister so please help me find a way to stay
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2022.01.22 21:35 281Giver Sofia, J2badd, Leah, Mckinzie, Tina, Lily etc..

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2022.01.22 21:35 NsRhea McFEARson!

What a pick! What a kick!
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2022.01.22 21:35 IdkIMRandomm Tw fhmna 3leh m3kky sammeha FIN el meme :)

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2022.01.22 21:35 heyh1howareya “Ghost Guns”

What is the legality of making our own lower receivers. I have been learning about 3d printing and hoping the only issue is with the selling or distribution of them.
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2022.01.22 21:35 MarcusDasom The CGI is so great in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) that you can hardly tell Andrew Garfleid is not the werewolf.

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2022.01.22 21:35 Direct_Zone_4529 I can’t draw (3+ hours)

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2022.01.22 21:35 TheRealNotaredditor I Refuse to Accept the Word "Crash."

This is not a crash. If bitcoin was to drop to say, 9,000 usd per, I'd say that is a crash. But that will never happen, atleast not in my strong opinion. Basically, what I'm saying is that if you bought 2 years ago and held, you arent worried about shit.
All I see every day is more and more bullish news for cryptocurrency. Intel developing mining chips? Ok CashApp enabling lighting? Great. Nation states accumulating at 45k USD? Welp.
I mean that's just BTC. SO MANY projects have serious, serious things in the works. Interconnectivity, staking, global settlement, digitized assets, nft platforms, product tracking, etc...
This isn't a fucking crash. This is people who didn't belong here, speculating on price, getting out because they must not pay any real attention to what's really happening. Ffs like 30 billion $ worth of ETH is locked in a eth 2.0 contract. With thousands being burned every week.
But anyway. Thank you, for the amazing discount on some of these excellent yield bearing assets!
It has allowed at least one cypherpunk to lock up enough staking rewards to replicate a living income.
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2022.01.22 21:35 donmodro Installed my Dobinson’s suspension today. Tires next!

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2022.01.22 21:35 Hajime_Hinata_OJ Blursed danger

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2022.01.22 21:35 StunkDunkums Settle a bet, does Micheál Martin look more like a snake or a weasel?

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2022.01.22 21:35 Adair_Lara Traveling Leather Coat

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2022.01.22 21:35 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.22 21:35 motnock Some of the “top tier” SP units at max power. Built with builder and google sheets. Builder has some issues though so it may not be perfect. But it gives you a general idea. More in the comments.

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2022.01.22 21:35 giantflyingspiders Cat owners of Reddit. When was the last time your cat(s) purred and how did that make you feel and why?

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2022.01.22 21:35 ojellavaras Merch Idea

Ok hear me out.
T-shirt that says, tauntingly... "Come on, Gavin, DANCE!" with an image below it of a cowboy shooting at the robot from Afterburner's feet while he's hopping around to miss the bullets.
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2022.01.22 21:35 Donkey124336 T

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2022.01.22 21:35 0de__ Insane pricecutting - Low End Rant

So after a bit of refreshing local marketplaces I managed to fulfill my goal of building a light, lowend gaming rig for a total of under 200 dollars including the actual tower, peripherals and a monitor. The specs are an old i5, rx 550, etc.
The reason I made this post is the RX 550 in this rig. It’s an Asus 2gig model, and it does its job. The real offense is the amount of costcutting that Asus performed on this card vis-a-vis the cooling and power delivery.
So first off, a normal GPU fan has four wires. This one has two. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this Asus card has NO FAN CONTROL. It runs at full speed, or whatever it can manage, all the damn time. It isn’t even fast enough to be annoyingly loud, since they had to damage control for the lack of RPM shifting.
The powerlimit has to be turned up to 150% for the card to mantain its BASE CLOCK. This is a 35w card! And the awful fan means that, with fresh thermal paste, even at that default 35 watts, it reaches 75 CELSIUS. With the powerlimit turned up to +50% which is necessary for sustained BASE CLOCKS, it maxes out at 83!
I understand this was a very cheap card when it came out. But many other manufacturers released this card for the same 79$ MSRP in 2016, and NONE of them performed this amount of costcutting at the expense of the end user.
All of this combined means that this card performs 10% worse in benchmarks than its contemporaries. Truly an insult to injury, looking up the card, the thing Asus boasts most about on the product page is the “Amazing dustproof fan!”
I hope Asus is doing better with their newer cards, you guys can let me know in the comments.
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2022.01.22 21:35 canvascaptain Begun a 5x4ft self portrait

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2022.01.22 21:35 Extension-Brain-3438 [A3] [US] [Recruiting] 56th Motor Rifle Brigade [Modern][Milsim] Recruiting

[A3] [US] [Recruiting] 56th Motor Rifle Brigade [Modern][Milsim] Recruiting
The 56th Motor Rifle Brigade wants you! Led by Capt. Xepa and MSgt. K. Banks during 202x. We specialize in Ground Pounding.
In Arma 3 the 56th is organized into two main elements, Alfa Company for infantry and IFV Crew, and Aviation. With our focus being on combined arms, new recruits can choose to go directly into Aviation if positions are open, or one can go into the regular path and join Alfa Company for infantry or crew.

Possibility of an aux mod with actual AK400's.

What we offer:

Leadership opportunities for those wishing to improve their team leading skills
Rifleman (Base with AK-12 and can have an RPG 26)
Machine Gunner (PKP/pkm)
Assistant Machine Gunner (AK-12 or RPK-12 with ammo)
Grenadier (AK-12 GL)
Assistant Grenadier (AK-12 With GL ammo)
AT/AA (RPG-7, Igla, ETC.)
Medic (saving comrades)
RTO (Radio operator)
IFV Crew/Commander (T-15 IFV's)
AVIATION (CAS/CAP/Multirole Planes and Helicopters)

Sunday: 3:00pm EST (Main Operation)

Operations typically last up to about 2-3 hours. Fun ops or
trainings are held semi-regularly on non-op days.

How to Join
Join the Discord and send a message in the #requests-chat
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2022.01.22 21:35 TurdGuylol Do I need onboard Wi-Fi or none?

Hi! I'm asking because I am searching for parts, and I still don't know the difference between Onboard Wi-Fi and no Wi-Fi.

If you're wondering what the Wi-Fi Router is, it's an Eero Pro 5th Generation about 30 feet away from me in a different room. Also, if I get no onboard Wi-Fi, do I have to connect it directly to the router?

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2022.01.22 21:35 visandrews Meet the newest & cutest ape, Luna!

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2022.01.22 21:35 Relevant_Panda69 This better Reddit gods?

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