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Does anyone have a pandanoko and or starynoko.

The following is a list of characters from Level-5's video game and anime franchise, Yo-kai Watch.. The version of the manga distributed in Southeast Asia (including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei) by Shogakukan Asia uses the original Japanese character names.

2022.01.22 20:07 GamerGabe10 Does anyone have a pandanoko and or starynoko.

I’m trying to finish my medallium so if anyone has a spare one of those I would be grateful. I can trade you anything if you want.
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2022.01.22 20:07 xYsfOW Star Trek or Star Wars?

I am sorry if this poll happened or if this community dont like this classical debate, i am just wondering the statics
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2022.01.22 20:07 Aether678 Aether Arthur possible power

What if Arthur could stop the time of anything he was wearing, touching, or even his breath, which in turn stopped the object's interference from the outside world and only allowed its interference outwards. The atmosphere released from the Stillness of an Object's Time(which is what I will call it) could cause shock waves that destroy everything in its path no matter the sturdiness. Small objects imbued with Stillness of an Object's Time could create devastating and destructive attacks. These objects would travel through anything and anyone, resulting in the object or a person's destruction. The objects can keep traveling as long as their time was stopped, no matter the distance. Apart from pebbles, dirt, gravel and other objects, Arthur could also create invisible walls of death by stopping time of his breath, which would make it almost impossible to approach him without randomly turning into a shredded corpse, or stopping time of the air produced by his hand's movement, effectively creating an invisible blade of air that split the earth and sky and cut everything in its path without fail. Furthermore, Arthur could also use Stillness of an Object's Time on himself, making it so whatever touched him was immediately disintegrated.
What do you think?
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2022.01.22 20:07 Wobbelblob Is it just me or is Volvidon an actively unfun monster to hunt?

For me Volvidon is on Lavasioth levels of unfun. Not that he is particularly hard or something, just annoying as fuck. The paralyze and farts I can deal with (Is it the only monster you need deodorant for? Haven't seen another one and I am at 5* hub) but what the hell is up with his bouncing? I just did the 5* hub quest for 2 of them - spent nearly 30 minutes on it and it felt like I spent 15 of those running after it, trying to hit it. As a melee it is incredibly unfun running after a monster that is bouncing around like a bouncy ball on crack. Is that just me or do others think that as well?
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Outside gate
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2022.01.22 20:07 HowsItGarnMarra My (24m) partner (26f) refuses to get help for her anxiety

She’s had extremely bad anxiety about most things since I’ve known her, from answering the door to anything about her health. Ever since our son was born nearly 8 months ago it’s gotten worse and worse.
I’ve tried to get her to see a doctor however she completely refuses to go saying she’s tried antidepressants in the past and therapy hasn’t worked either. I want her to at least try as it’s dragging her down and making a big impact on us both.
Any advice on what to do?
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2022.01.22 20:07 ahUsbjdc Endgame question (possible spoilers)

This is my first time playing a dragon quest game and I really like it so far my main question is what level should I be for the end game and with what team setup right now I'm running hero, jade, Erik (was Veronica), and Rab (keep in mind I just got the last orb needed to get to the endgame also if it matters since idk I'm playing dragon quest XI S from the Xbox game pass) also one last thing what other dragon quest or just RPGs in general would be recommend for a beginner like me
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2022.01.22 20:07 NYgirl12387 Thug cover

Does anyone know a Thug song that samples a cover of an older Chinese woman's (maybe older Cantopop) song? TIA.
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2022.01.22 20:07 portal_lengend Shaving legs is ):

I shaved my legs about 5 times now but i can't seem to do it well. There's little spots I can see, I use a basic 1-3 dollar razor wondering if that's why and if it's worth investing on a more expensive one or if anyone has tips on shaving.
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2022.01.22 20:07 s618o TownStar – worth playing? My reflections after playing one month

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2022.01.22 20:07 JiangRong222 Wait, Am I the Orc Overlord? -Ch.17-Education of the masses

Decided to try and write an Isekai story, not sure how this'll go. But if people want more/series, I'll try to deliver. Partly inspired by D&D + Overlord + Mythology + Warhammer. This is the 17th chapter and the first arc of "book 1" is finally finished! We're going to be seeing more combat and potentially some more non orc characters in the future ;)
https://www.royalroad.com/profile/255990 (Also, here's my royal road account, I'm going to start posting my stuff there, so feel free to drop a follow and leave a good review, thanks!)
https://discord.gg/Rmkc8XA5gj (Discord link for the fiction, if anyone cares to join. Updates and announcements will be posted there, feel free to join and chat! There's not a lot of people in here right now so hopefully people will join and make it active!)
(First) / (Previous) / (Next)
Mu’Gen’s perspective
As I ran after the mysterious warrior Og’Dei, I continued to watch and spy upon him. I made sure that he wouldn’t detect him by bending into the crowd and hiding behind various objects. As I followed him for around a good minute, he finally made a stop near the benches. Of course, as there was no real cover there so I had to stay on the outskirts of the dining area, leaning and hiding behind a tree to watch and listen.
He was meeting up with one person, which i didn;t recognise. He seemed to be relatively young, at least, younger than Og’Dei by maybe one or two years. Around 4’4 in height, but despite that, had a relative bulky build for an orc that young. Perhaps he was just a really short 6 year old orc?
But to my surprise, Og’Dei bowed to him and said, “Young lord Simba, what do you have for me?”
So that was Simba? I knew he was young but, this young? He was what, 4 or 5 years old! Sure he was a future chieftain but still! So this was Simba, Og’Dei’s teacher. My eyes couldn’t believe the sight that was unfolding in front of my eyes. I continued to hide behind the tree, watching the situation unfold.
“So, Og’Dei. It appears you have much to learn as a hand to hand fighter. But firstly, do you know why hand to hand combat is so important despite the fact we have weapons?”
Og’Dei paused for a half second, before responding, “So we can prove our strength, the ability to fight with just our natural weapons. Our fists!”
Simba chuckled but then shook his head. I was quite surprised Og’Dei didn’t bash him on the spot. Most orcs would have done so, especially if it was a younger orc mocking them in such a passive aggressive manner. But Og’Dei intently listened to Simba’s response.
“Partly, you are only partly correct Og’Dei. The true and most important answer is that in the battlefield, the weapon is the most crucial thing. Here, let me show you. Pull out your sword and attack me with it.”
Og’Dei blinked, seemingly slightly confused, which definitely irritated Simba.
“Well? Do it!”
Og’Dei drew his bronze sword, it’s straight blade glimmering in the morning sun as he thrusted it towards Simba in a flash. But to my surprise, instead of the cruel bronze blade piercing through Simba’s unprotected chest. He somehow managed to react in time and parry the blade. Using his left forearm to suddenly thrust the blade to the side, while simultaneously rotating out of the way.
In a burst of action, Simba gripped Og’Dei’s forearm and shoulder of the sword arm. Turning his hip in towards him, before then throwing him over his shoulder! And then FWOMP! Og’Dei landed, back first onto the dirt floor. Luckily for him that there were no loose stones lying around or he could’ve cracked his skull open. But of course, Orcs were made of stronger stuff.
Simba then released Og’Dei, walking off and letting him get back up on his own. I continued to watch, completely enthralled. He glanced in my direction and for a second I froze, hoping that he didn’t see me. But whether he did or not, he turned back, looking down at Og’Dei as he groaned and stood back up, rubbing his lower back as that took the brunt of the fall.
“Yeah, I understand now.” Og’Dei said through a pained wince.
“First the spear, then the sword, the axe, the dagger and then unarmed combat. That is how a fight tends to start off and end. Once you have run out of all the aforementioned weapons, you reach unarmed combat. Though, that isn’t clear cut.”
He paused for continuing. This was a really good lesson on warfare, since I wanted to be a shield maiden. I made sure to pay extra attention to what he was saying. Simba was apparently a war squad captain after all. He had definitely seen combat or at the very least, fought dangerous prey, considering the large lion claw scar upon his face.
“All I needed to do was throw you to the ground, two seconds is all the time I need to jam this blade right into your throat.”
Og’Dei nodded, obviously just as intent on absorbing the lessons as I was. He then paused once more, looking like he was in deep thought before speaking,
'How would I go about training the throw so I get good at it?’
Simba answered without second thought, “Train it on a partner, over and over and over again until you get it right. It’s that simple.”
Og’Dei nodded, listening intently just like I was. Simba yawned loudly, as if he was bored and got up.
“Alright, just go train and help the other members of your war squad get into top shape like you are. I’m going to head out to take a nap.”
As the two of them went their separate ways, I just stood there, absorbing all the information that was given to me from their brief conversation. Why hadn’t anyone come up with this knowledge before? Now that I think about it, it made so much sense! Why didn’t any other orc come up with it!
It was just..so simple and logical! But then, Simba, what made him so special? How did he manage to figure it out? Was it supposedly that Pandar had truly given him knowledge? I was left standing there, trying to figure out the mysterious figure.
6 days later…
Gortholax’s perspective
“So. You decided to go over my head. Again?”
I stood there, fuming at my son who had knelt in front of me begging for forgiveness at his transgressions. I was honestly livid for once. I had only just recently found out that Simba had somehow went over my head and promised a foreign high caste member and his family a place at the Asatru tribe.
“You thought it was a good idea to just give out empty promises? What the fuck is wrong with you!”
“Look father, just he-”
“SHUT UP!” I yelled, cutting off his speech. I didn’t care if other people could hear us right now. I was about to explode in a fit of rage. My veins popped in my forearms as I clenched my fists tightly. “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO ME!” I raged once more, causing him to duck his head down in submission. At least despite him fucking up, he had manners of some sort.
“Now, LISTEN UP.” I said with a growl through gritted teeth, “Do you realise what you’ve done? You’ve given a promise in the name of the Clan and in the name of Pandar. That means the promise can’t be broken.”
I exhaled loudly before continuing, “That means that we’re going to poach away essentially the best and only craftsman of the Asmodai clan. Once they manage to figure out who poached the craftsman away, we’re going to be dragged into a war with them.”
Simba blinked, almost as if he looked confused. And when he opened his mouth, the most stupid response he could’ve given.
“So what?”
In a burst of anger, I smashed my fist right into his face. It was obvious that he didn’t expect the blow and was sent flying across the floor of the yurt, crashing into the cups and bowls. Causing a loud clattering and a few of them to be broken in the process.
I heaved loudly, my knuckles smarting from having smashed it full force into his head. A large bruise appeared on his face as he, to his credit, managed to stay conscious. He moaned loudly, obviously seeing stars and his head was most likely swimming from such a heavy blow. I sighed loudly, wiping my face with my hands.
“You’re going to deal with the bullshit that comes with this. I’m not helping you handle this shit at all. Go sort this out.”
I then stormed out of the yurt in anger, and to no surprise at all, there was a small crowd of people from my tribe gathered outside or listening in near. They had obviously come because of the commotion but feared to enter without my permission and the angered look upon my face.
“Well! SCRAM!” I shouted loudly, spittle flying out from my mouth. And of course, those who feared the wrath of the chieftain immediately ran off, wanting to avoid my wrath. I exhaled loudly, rubbing the bridge of my nose with my thumb and index finger.
“Pandar have mercy upon me…”
Simba’s perspective
I groaned loudly, clutching my face as it stung. My entire head swam as I could feel my brain rattling around my head. I staggered onto my knees, trying to keep my head still as the only thing that permeated through my mind was pain. I retched loudly, managing to catch myself before I barfed all over myself.
I stumbled up, leaning on the wall of the yurt to steady myself. My head continued to swim as I slowly stepped forward, feeling the world slowly spin around me as I did. Thankfully though, the pain had subsided enough to the point where I could actually think coherent thoughts instead of just PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, over and over again.
It was probably a bad idea to make a promise to Ak’Mi now that I think about it. God fucking damn it, I haven’t been hurt this hard since I was hit in the head with a baseball bat! I clutched the side of my head, the pain having already subsided significantly and my vision had slowly managed to clear up.
I was incredibly thankful at this point that I was an Orc. Without my orc blood, I might’ve died from that blow as a human, if not been permanently crippled or given brain damage. I heaved a few more times until my vision slowly steadied. Thankfully my dad gave me a haymaker on the cheekbone instead of on the chin, the brunt of the force was absorbed by said bone. But that left me with a very painful bruise there, probably a fracture.
For now, I could barely feel any pain emanating from the bruise, most likely the sheer amount of adrenaline an orc produced would probably be the same as a lion or a buffalo. I huffed loudly, feeling the pain slowly subside as I walked off, clearing through the yurt to find Ak’Mi and his family.
Many people gave me a few odd glances this way and that, but an orc with a facial injury wasn’t uncommon. It was more so the fact that I was so young and managed to gain a significant injury like that was probably what was turning heads. But no matter what, I managed to limp my way towards Ak’Mi’s yurt.
As I grunted loudly, even moving my face slightly caused the muscles and skin around the cheekbone to pull taught and cause a sharp jab of pain to flare up. I winced, slamming my hand a few times on the flap of the yurt, causing loud slapping noises to emanate. If he was inside, he would have heard me by now.
A loud voice came within which I recognized as Ak’Mi’s
“WHO IS IT!” I managed to grit out through tightend teeth, “IT’S SIMBA.”
I grunted, ducking under the flap of the Yurt and looking on in, looking at Ak’Mi’s family. Of course there was Ak’Mi, his first wife who’s name escapes me who talked to me the other day, the other one who looked to be the sister of his second wife. And of course, his children, one daughter and one son. The daughter being the eldest.
“Damn, what the fuck happend to your face? Did you finally lose a fight?”
I rolled my eyes, thankfully that action didn’t cause the pain on my cheekbone to flare up,
“Whatever, you ready to go?”
“Grab your shit and let’s get going then. Meet me by our side of the clan, if anyone stops you just come up with some bullshit excuse. We’ll be leaving earlier than everyone else, just in case we get stopped.”
And with that, I left immediately, ducking out and letting them get their shit. As I made my way back, my cheek continued to smart.
I muttered to myself under my breath, “I hope this was worth it after all…”
Ak’Mi’s perspective
It had been 30 minutes. We had packed up essentially everything except the yurt (which was too heavy to carry) and set off. My family and I are following after Simba who’s obviously gotten himself in hot trouble.
My best guess is that he’s managed to fuck something up. Most likely use the promise of the clan despite not officially being a chieftain yet. Dumbass. But still, the kid’s got fucking balls. There’s this sneaking suspicion that I have.
There’s no way some 4 year old kid could have the intellect, skill in combat and creativity that he does. There’s something special about him that I can’t quite pinpoint. And I’m certain it's not just Pandar given creativity either. If it was that simple, all the orcs could have been as smart as him.
There has to be a separate reason to why he’s been chosen to be Pandar’s Champion. But besides that, for once, my first wife Mur’Ten was uncharacteristically quiet. She hadn’t moaned or complained at all thus far. Same with the kids, they seemed to be thinking about something. Probably about being forced to move.
It was going to be tough on them to adjust while being thrust into a new clan with their old friends being left behind. But it is what it is, so far I hadn’t had to deal with the fallout of the children complaining and crying. But sooner or later, it’s going to happen.
I mentally rolled my eyes, rubbing the bridge of my nose as I continued to follow Simba back. This was either going to be the best or the worst decision of my life. May Pandar guide me through this.
Hope you guys enjoy this new chapter! And I hope you all are just as excited as I am for the next chapter!
Feedback/comments are appreciated as always. If you enjoy, please upvote the post, thanks! Oh also, any speculation about the future of the story? Feel free to leave that in the comments too, I fucking love that shit.
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1 New Locations of Interest (as at 12:07 pm 23/01/2022)
1 New Locations in Auckland:

Please contact this account with any feedback
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2022.01.22 20:07 hillky My daughter had a little bit of luck this morning! Fairfield co. was fair to me for once..

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