This is Smoox Chen and Jerry Chiang from Taiwan Boardgame Design, campaign creators of Hanamikoji: Geisha's Road. AMA!

2021.11.29 11:57 TaiwanBGDesign This is Smoox Chen and Jerry Chiang from Taiwan Boardgame Design, campaign creators of Hanamikoji: Geisha's Road. AMA!

Hi! This is Smoox Chen and Jerry Chiang from Taiwan Boardgame Design (TBD).
We are a board game publisher from Taiwan. In addition to publishing our own games, we also cooperate with fellow indie publishers from Taiwan and bring their games to the world.
We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Hanamikoji: Geisha’s Road (BGG link) on behalf of the publisher EmperorS4. It's in the final 26 hours. Super excited to see 2800+ backers supporting us!
In this Reddit session, we are happy to answer any questions about anything. For reference, Jerry is also the co-designer of Geisha’s Road, and we can translate and pass questions to Eros Lin, who is both the co-designer of Geisha’s Road and the founder and owner of the publisher EmperorS4.
Eros has also offered to pass to the artist for the game Maisherly Chan and to reach out to Kota Nakayama, the designer of Hanamikoji, the game that has inspired its sequel, Geisha’s Road. Due to communication latency and translation time, questions directed to those individuals may take more time and might not be answered in a timely fashion, but we will do the best we can!
Let's have some fun!
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2021.11.29 11:57 Lil_aoi What If we think of the icy quills differently?

What if we think about them as a sub - dps thing instead of a support one
Take that 72%and make it times 5/7, that is gonna be the damage you are going to cause when you use the icy quills, but it still not going to have a good uptime, so cooldown reduction would be a really good buff
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2021.11.29 11:57 admirred2 Cyber Week for Cubbit | #cybermonday #cybermonday2021 | Cloud Storage Deals | #cubbit #cloud #storage #backup |

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2021.11.29 11:57 novosadjanin021 Web3 Startapi u Srbiji

Da li neko zna neke Web3 startape u Srbiji?
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2021.11.29 11:57 jpegmafiathrowaway The Best Hip-Hop on Bandcamp: November 2021 (JPEGMAFIA - LP! is fourth in the list)

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2021.11.29 11:57 CommunicationFit5198 Emotional Rollercoaster

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2021.11.29 11:57 craig_b2001 My NFTs are all hand painted and available for 50 ADA each - who's interested?

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2021.11.29 11:57 iBlaire Do I have to go to “mandatory” Christmas party?

Work for a large sales company with a group of around 30 and we usually have this yearly Christmas party at another employee’s house. White elephant, you’re required to bring a gift, etc.
My boss said everyone should be there unless you have PTO for this coming Friday (the day of the party).
I’m feeling extremely under the weather this week already from the past weekend, and with me awaiting my booster shot, not sure I feel comfortable driving an hour and a half to attend a party like this. And frankly, I feel as if they’re forcing me to buy a gift for people I don’t really want to see.
Not sure what I should say because I feel like they’ll roll their eyes and guilt me into coming. Any advice here?
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2021.11.29 11:57 LastMaintenance1631 Jasper caught yawing

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2021.11.29 11:57 Rexsaur Balacing problems aside, objective bounties atleast have a positive side

It allows playing scaling champs/playing for the late game to be viable again in high level play.
I cant remember the last time we had a late game oriented meta, maybe season 6 or 7? Since then the game has only gotten faster which in turn means, it snowballs harder which means strong early/prio champs are simply much better than everything else in high elo or competitive.
So it is refreshing to see champs that cant run into scuttle lvl 3 and skirmish at 3 minutes to be good picks, it is a shame they did this by simplying throwing a shitload of gold into the game instead of slowing the game down but hey, atleast something good came out of it.
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FAN ART FOR KUYA KRIS FIRST TIME KO PO GUMAWA KAYA GANYAN HEHEHHEHE❤ submitted by Dear-Rule2947 to NANIKPosting [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 11:57 Kindheart99 Anxiety and Puppy Blues

Hello everyone! We recently brought home a beautiful, 12 week old cockapoo, who we love dearly. However, I’ve been struggling with the puppy blues since day one. They’re definitely getting better, enforced naps and consistently exercising our pup has made the world of difference.
Our girl is a sweetheart, she is high energy and loves attention, but also knows to entertain herself sometimes and is starting to understand what is appropriate behaviour and what’s not. She even sleeps through the night! However, I still find myself sitting with that pang of guilt in my stomach.
I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life but this is a whole new level.
We are so lucky that she sleeps through the night , only waking up once or twice if she really needs to pee but that is not very often occurring. And still, I find myself falling asleep with a pit in my stomach, thinking about how she going to wake up 7:30 tomorrow morning and need to be taken care of.
I wake up before her usually, and lay in bed dreading her barking to let me know that she is awake and ready for attention. I feel so guilty experiencing this feeling and really need some advice... I still hop out of bed and greet her with love, take her out to pee and begin our day, but I wish I could do that without resenting her. :(.
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2021.11.29 11:57 bullishoneth Guess it pays to HODL

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2021.11.29 11:57 raymondy88 Anybody else feel like we've been adhering to the Prosperity Gospel of sports fandom?

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2021.11.29 11:57 spikespiegell1 Who do you think is gonna win Ballon D'or today?

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2021.11.29 11:57 SkA-Venger That's a big change from his bronze preset matchday card !

That's a big change from his bronze preset matchday card ! Packed him today, 660k worth of trainers but no regrets ! Super fast & subbing him second half (supersub) with Muller & Sané made going through matchday with my Germany team a breeze !
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2021.11.29 11:57 CRYPTOsauceNews Crypto Cyber Monday Is Live! Voyager Is Now Giving Away $40 in Bitcoin During Limited 48-Hour Sign-Up Promo

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2021.11.29 11:57 polished-jade Started pack late, didn't take two pills

I don't use the placebo pills, I usually just take the three weeks of active pills and then start a new pack. But I was at my parent's house for Thanksgiving and I had miscounted and didn't bring the new pack because I thought I would have enough. So I took the last active pill on Friday, didn't take anything on Saturday, and started a new pack on Sunday. I also had unprotected sex on Saturday.
Should I have taken two pills? Should I take two pills today? Or am I ok if I started the new pack one day late because I had taken 7 active pills previously? Should I get plan B?
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2021.11.29 11:57 lwbdgtjrk Unnecessary steps to play Illusion, oh and 1000HP build

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2021.11.29 11:57 TanveerHassan99 Cascading Combo Boxes - One Combo Box Selection Filters a Second Combo Box اردو / हिंदी

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2021.11.29 11:57 SpideyUdaman Felt great about my Xperia 10 III purchase(use case only review and long story)

Some background before my review you can skip:
My recent phone ownership from the last at least 3 years are xz2c, xz3, and lg g8. The xz3 was my personal phone and the xz2c was my work phone.
Several months ago, I thought I had water damaged my XZ3 for good, since I occasionally wash it. Turns out, just had a bad sim tray that needed to be replaced, and the phone luckily still revived a week later. But in the meantime, I needed a phone, so I bought a t-mobile locked LG G8 through amazon(this phone is fantastic btw and only about 320 USD). I kept the phone as my personal, and replaced the XZ2c with my XZ3 as my work phone because it looks dope. The XZ2c is just sitting in my wallet and key container now. My family plan which I also help pay for is a tmobile, so it all works out.
The use case and the need for a work phone:
I do deliveries mainly with Doordash but recently discovered I can do deliveries from multiple services. So far, I only do Doordash and Uber Eats. My XZ3 was working fine with one app, no hitch, just like the XZ2c. However, I ran into a problem the day I started doing multiple delivery apps. So, the way I do it is I look up deliveries using the apps and whichever gets me a good deal first I accept, then offline/pause the other. This is as far as I can do as I have no ability to safely do multiple deliveries from multiple apps at the same time, nor the management skills lol.
Anyways, several times during the day, I would pick up my deliveries and confirm it by my app but then the phone slows down to a crawl or even freezes for a while which delays my delivery a lot. There were even times during an intersection stop where I had to pause/offline one of the apps but then the phone slows down, can't press anything, literally losing my ability to navigate. I later decided to check the memory on developer options and what do you know, Ram had always been at 100% use, tf?! This leads me to thinking of getting a new work phone.
New phones:
I quickly was able to find an amazon renewed LG v60(tmobile unlocked for something less than 350 USD). This phone was a blast. Everything super fast. It was the perfect phone. But then, the phone often had System UI going down. I don't know what did that. I tried to clear memory restart the phone, etc. Cannot do recovery mode since it was a carrier unlocked phone. Such a shame because it was an otherwise perfect phone for a steal of a price. Maybe my updates messed up, maybe because tmobile updates were wonky, maybe because the phone was renewed idk. My hands are not fond of big phones anyway(it was very big for me).
I thought back when I considered the 10 iii before I got the v60...I can now swallow the price of 320USD for a used 10 iii(seller said it had scratches, but it was more like tiny scuff marks so thanks to them). I also really wanted to carry a Sony brand around so it works out. I have a wireless charging mount in my car so I also bought a QI receiver for the phone. What do you know, this phone is the almost frustration-free solution for me.
The phone looks cuter, lighter, slimmer than my XZ2c. It's a joy to hold. It's a tall looking phone and the only caveat for that for me right now is the finger gymnastics top to bottom, vice versa.
I would say the phone is very energy efficient. I have never really tested this part as it had always been on the charging mount, but one time that it had been in my pocket with bluetooth playing music for 30 mins and the phone stayed at 100%. It never feels warmer that you can notice.
Performance wise, it's not as instantaneously fast as the v60, nor the xz3. It has delays opening a few apps but never frustrating, even for my use case. Sometimes the phone does microstutters when you are multitasking, but only usually on animations. The multitask button rarely hiccups, and when it does, it only takes a second to breath and you're buttery smooth again. I also looked at the RAM and the maximum usage has just been at 75% and I'm happy with that. I didn't do gaming but so I can't say anything about that.
The wireless and other peripherals are very good too. I use mint mobile under tmobile networks, and it has a very good LTE signal, mostly always full bar. However, like the other phones, it wouldn't help you connect to areas where tmobile signals or any cellular signals are jammed or blocked or something like that. The bluetooth has been reliable and always stable connected to my car and the device my insurance gave me. It actually also has noticeable less audio delay than the other phones, otherwise there is still delay as I have tested watching a movie. The wireless receiver connected to the dongle charges significantly faster than my phone drains battery. GPS has been nice and accurate. The sensors seem to be working nicely, as one of my apps can easily detect once I turn my car on. The fingerprint had been reliable. Sometimes, it would fail to quickly read your finger prints. Some of my fingers don't work at all. But the one finger it works on, works almost all of the time and I can't complain, better than the in display the v60 had(though that one uses an older iteration). Very nice placement as well.
Media-wise, it has one audio speaker on the bottom and a phone speaker on the top. The speaker is clear and good, but can't project loudness, distorts at max, and lacks mid to lowend. The display is very awesome, it makes me feel as good as using the XZ3. I did try to watch some youtube videos and netflix movies. Watching Cowboy Bebop was a short bit of fun. Since Netflix stuff has long ratios, the phone did not crop out much of the video. It didn't feel uncomfortable even with the compactness. Watching youtube, you'll notice kinda big black spacing on the left and right. You'd significantly crop the video going full screen, but watching videos zoomed out did not really bother me. If you were watching a 16:9 film in youtube, then maybe it'll bother you, maybe. So far, 21:9 feels comfortable for me especially in apps that are usually in portrait mode. Things are easily reachable from the left to right but tricky from top to bottom.
And the brightness was not lacking at all. I had the phone on autobrightness, and it had always been legible to me even out in the sun, whether it was on the sky. Take a grain of salt from the ones who say the brightness is lacking, because it can really help the phone, but the default max was already good enough for me.
The UI and UX makes me feel at home again. It just reminds me that I'm glad to have an Xperia. It never felt distanced from what I feel about my XZ3.
The camera does good in good lighting, but you'll be getting inferior photos in low lighting. The camera is moderately fast, not all the time, but fast and the photos look good. I still feel that the one lens XZ3 took better pics.
My gripes:
It has a weak flashlight, even the flash for the camera still doesn't make the photos look much better, only barely visible in darker situations.
A slight gripe, but even though the one media speaker sound sorta balanced, it still is just one speaker.
Not much of a gripe but the screen can collect lint or dust.
The xperia home of this phone does not have much customizeability, I had to download Nova to make the home screen look the best way I want it. Even the xz3 had plenty stuff to customize. This phone didn't even have the album app, so I just had to use an offline google photos.
What could be tweaked/changed to make it worth 400USD:
Stereo speakers, higher level chipset(though gpu is fine and most operations are fine, just higher speed is always good), old school xperia customizations and apps, low light mode, and brighter flash. You could even stuff wireless in, but that's just extra cost. The cameras can do some adjustments just for the low light.
Was it worth 320 bucks?
Yeah it was for me. It does what I asked for it to do and without much of a hitch. I expected less but got what I wanted or more. I'd argue that this should be the asking price Sony list this phone as ever since 10ii.
It is a fun little phone. It's cute, it's light, carries the Xperia look of simplistic elegance, and has brisk performance, it's all I ask for a midranger that the x compact did not achieve for me before. It may not be as monstrous in performance as the other midrangers, but it has no notch or obstructions, has a straightforward UI, has sleek and beautiful look, and does as much as any of them except for the chipset. I'd say, it trounces them in battery despite the small size, but just because Sony selected specific chipsets, limited brightness, flash, etc.

TLDR: I ended up with a used Xperia 10 iii after much conundrum trying to find a much needed work phone, that has enough ram for running multiple apps. I liked the phone and does what I asked for and more. The original msrp is not worth what it is, but Sony could make some changes and actually make it compete with other midrangers. The used price seems like it's what it should be worth more like.
My apologies for the long story, and thanks for reading if you did.
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2021.11.29 11:57 PolyShaun Spider-Man producer says No Way Home isn’t Marvel’s last Spider-Man movie

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2021.11.29 11:57 Lauti_Losio ELI5: If every website knows your public ip when you google "what's my ip?" then how doesn't it get leaked all the time?

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2021.11.29 11:57 Mangos_for_sale WTS 4os ETH Balrog Skin

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2021.11.29 11:57 AJAuthor LAST DAY OF BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT 25% [H] NFL GAMEPASS, NBA League Pass, Peacock TV (WWE, EPL), F1 TV PRO, Fubo TV, Sling TV (RedZone), Tennis Channel Plus, ESPN Plus, DAZN, Paramount Plus (Champions League), IPTorrents, Masterclass, Skillshare and many more +warranty [W] Crypto ONLY

Join our Discord server with over 600 members for fast communication and giveaways.

Warranty 3 or 6 months - in case of account abuse, warranty can be voided.
ACCOUNTS ARE MOSTLY SHARED, NOT PRIVATE - except when otherwise stated
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CANVA Education PRIVATE - $5
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