My 'graduated-during-the-pandemic' stress relief beginner set up

2021.12.07 17:37 jaushr My 'graduated-during-the-pandemic' stress relief beginner set up

Like the title says. I've always been into music and collecting records and shared a modest turntable set-up with my best friend during college. I graduated back in 2020 during the height of the pandemic and had to move back to my parents house. After finally landing a decent job I decided to build out my first set-up to help take my mind off things and to relieve some stress about post-graduation job hunting.
Ignore the angsty middle school drawings on the door.
VPI Cliffwood w/ VPI x Grado Green Cartridge
Pro-Ject Tube Box S2
Cambridge Audio AXA35
Tekton Lore
AudioQuest Evergreen Interconnects
Misc. Amazon Speaker Cable
Speaker underneath the turntable is a La Boite P01, currently not being utilized
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2021.12.07 17:37 FreeChickenDinner Costco Dec 7 live

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2021.12.07 17:37 AnimusPetitor Renowed scammer and con-artist was an agent of Jawar Mohammed

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2021.12.07 17:37 ImAPartofThisWorld Question For My Women

First i'll start by saying I have an Undying Love for women... just looking at them makes me smile you know? With that being said I have trouble connecting with most women. They think I am an asshole because of my honesty. Most women want you to be a certain way around them and it's just not me. Any notes on how to let them know I mean no harm when I speak? Like everytime I say something they think i'm a straight meanyhead
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2021.12.07 17:37 Ardaghion Ancient Weapon Near Heidel

Has anyone ever gone to the kuku bird area north of Alejandro farm and gotten a warning about a powerful monster near one of the trees?
I’ve seen it happen on a few occasions with low level characters. I took my level 40 Shai there this weekend, got the warning, then electricity and the Ancient weapon Kreator showed up and killed me.
Wasn’t on a season server and above the weapon it said Alten. It wasn’t Alten since I’ve fought it before.
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2021.12.07 17:37 CoastalHare You can go back to any one moment in your life, rewind it 30 seconds, and start your life again from there. What moment do you rewind?

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2021.12.07 17:37 ayyNeo Me when 5x6=6x6-6 😎

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2021.12.07 17:37 Kubegoo eli5 how parked cars can "whoosh".

I'm sitting on the side of the road with my window down and cars that pass me go "whoosh" (sort of understand that) but why is there a whooshing sound when I'm driving with my window down and passing parked cars? Sort of don't understand that...
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2021.12.07 17:37 LeanDerp So can I?

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2021.12.07 17:37 midwstchnk Long waits

Anyone having ridiculous long waits when calling fedloan for pslf?
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2021.12.07 17:37 ___HeyGFY___ WhY dO pEoPlE tYpE lIkE tHiS and how can we get them to stop?

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2021.12.07 17:37 bsdemon Plugin for BQN array language features neovim 0.6 virtual lines

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2021.12.07 17:37 rainbow_beret Who is your least favourite character(s) & why? Dont be shy, let it out!!

Mine is Amaya - I think her character is to forced and annoying. I dont get why shes the main character when she has no personality or anything about her. Shes boring and tries too hard to be quirky, it just comes off as frikkin weird. And i feel the same about Poppy, i find her so basic.
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2021.12.07 17:37 JeanneDAlter Tatsuki Fujimoto's Special "Look Back" Illustration To Commemorate Winning 1st Place In Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2022

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2021.12.07 17:37 Head-Fondant If there are any tips you guys have for a black panther in the raid, let me know

I currently have not attempted the raid yet not bc of the bugs but bc I am flooded in schoolwork and studying for finals as it is the last week of classes so I am just waiting for it to quiet down and then I will attempt in the next two weeks or so. But I ask this bc my highest character is black Panther but it could tips for every character as a whole like I read somewhere you would need about 1500 defense to prevent dying faster.
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2021.12.07 17:37 Enough_Ladder9623 Can’t install Windows 11 On a brand new $1K desktop from Best Buy two days ago. I guess I’m skipping Windows 11. Secure boot is enabled.

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2021.12.07 17:37 Blaster167 A password is required to auto connect to the VPN

I want to have my PC automatically connect my VPN on startup( and show the icon indicating it’s connected to the VPN ), but I keep getting a pop up “A password is required to connect” to the VPN when I set it up via network settings.
It still usually successfully connects to the Wi-fi, but it would be far faster for me to just do it manually because of this error.
Anyway to fix it?
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2021.12.07 17:37 Several-Topic6779 K23, söker kuk att suga. Runt Stockholm

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2021.12.07 17:37 Elegant_Marketing710 Just install a new SKR Mini v2.0, Weird Adhesion Layer Distortion

Just install a new SKR Mini v2.0, Weird Adhesion Layer Distortion Really strange issue, and I've spent a good amount of time googling around and looking to see if I could find any solutions to the problem I'm having. My prints are great, I've re calibrated after installing a new BTT SKR Mini v2.0, with a custom Marlin 2.0.x bugfix firmware. Other than that my machine is a stock Ender 3 Pro with a CR Touch ABL sensor. I'm using Cura for slicing and my profile was working great before switching boards. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Or have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?
The print below is just a 20x20mm calibration cube that turned out great, with a 3 line skirt. An identical print with a brim turned out an equally strange adhesion layer with all sorts of over lapping lines. The first layer of the object itself tuned out great.
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2021.12.07 17:37 Hogunit The poor souls who charged Vulkan

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2021.12.07 17:37 biddierepellent The sickest burn

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2021.12.07 17:37 Important-Ad1778 FIFINE K690 VS SHURE MV7 Microphone Test & Review

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2021.12.07 17:37 Hypyrionn Money farm with favored trades, village, and sniper

So I don’t have any 3 of these unlocked, but if you have 2 discount villages, and then get a x4x sniper (assuming the ability is up immediately) and then sell near a favored trades to get a better deal back, can you get hella money? I’m curious if this works if anyone has these :D. Do the sniper’s money drop ability come in immediately?
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2021.12.07 17:37 SEND_NUDEZ_PLZZ ich🇹🇷🏳️‍🌈💪iel

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2021.12.07 17:37 grants2012 Anyone else have a common name that sadly hasn’t been used for a Ranger yet?

As my username would suggest, I’m a Grant. My best friend growing up was a Grant, the best man at my wedding was a Grant, and more than once when I’ve been in a doctors office and they call for “Grant,” I’m not the only one to stand up. And yet, despite there being over 20 distinct Ranger teams, never once have we had a Ranger named Grant, and it’s starting to sting a little. So now I’m just wondering if anyone else out there feels like they have a name common enough that you can’t believe it hasn’t been used for a Ranger by this point. If so, please know you’re not alone in this!
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