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2021.11.29 12:32 CrimsonBayonet My family has a secret and I am at the center of it all.

Hello, my name is Tom. My family and I have a soup kitchen we run for the homeless population of Saint Louis. It's not very big as we run it out of our food truck but we get a lot of smiles providing the homeless population warm food and blankets if we have any to spare. We are a wealthy family live in a large old home with a gate, butlers, chiefs you know the whole works. My father owns a business and makes money off that passively. So we try our best to give back to the community holding charity drives but our crown jewel is the food truck Named "Warm meals on wheels". My brother, mom and dad work on it every other day. Feeding the population who cant feed themselves. It's a really good thing. However there is a dark secret to this that I didn't know about until a month ago.
This whole mess started when my mother called me into the kitchen crying. I was upset because I was still sleeping and it was 1AM in the morning. When I get down stairs I pass by my brothers room door wide open. My brother was a major privacy person so this was out of character for him. "meh its to early" I thought and kept going on.
When I get to the kitchen my mother and father are both sitting at the table holding each other as if something bad happened. I look at them and say "Hey what's wrong guys? Did I miss something?". Mother looked at me with tears streaming down her face. "your.... your brother he...he was murdered.." She said while chocking up on her words. At that moment I felt a wave of heat rushing through my body and I started to sweat
An enormous amount of weight was pressing down on me as I collapsed into the ground. My ears rang louder and louder. I don't know how to process this and the last thing I remember of that night is seeing my mother rush toward me and everything going black. I awoke to my father calling my name " Tom.... Tom! Wake up!" I opened my eyes and asked what happened. "Looks like you feinted champ. How are you feeling?" I blinked twice and replied "I'm ok just a bit sore."
My father looked at me and said "I love you champ, you've been out all night I gotta ask you something once we get everything here figured out. Today your mother and I are going the morgue. Will you be able to watch the home for us?" I shook my head yes. "Ah good! We will be back in an hour or so. We wont be long"
They were gone for about 5 hours. Came back and explained the date and time of the funeral for tomorrow. Was surprised how quickly that can come across. A few weeks past and my mother and father call me to the kitchen again. Walked down the stairs and see my brothers room. Fully lit with flowers on the bed. It's been so surreal like it never happened. I can still hear my brothers voice to this day calling out to me "Hey little buddy!" he would always say even when I grew taller then him. We were always the best of friends.
I get into the kitchen this time and my mother and father looked at me and dad asked "Hey champ. I need to ask you a question why don't you sit down" I sit on the opposite side of them and my dad asked "Since your brother past your mom and I have been struggling to keep the soup kitchen going without your brother we need you. I know it's a lot to ask for but I feel its a way for all of us to stay together in these times. Plus you've gotten so big and we could use a strong young man to help lift some things we cannot easily." I looked at my dad smiled and shook my head "Yea, that's sounds like a good idea dad! I'll help." Dad looked at my smiled and cheered "Woo hooo we can help people again! You don't understand this is your mom's and I's passion!" He then got out of his chair and started doing what I can only describe as the most dad dance I ever seen. Mother was smiling and crying a little. She hasn't spoke much since my brother died. But she yelled in excitement today as she got up and started doing even more cliché mom dances.
Fast-forward a few hours and here I am. In this truck in 90 degree weather cooking grilled cheese and soup and handing out cold water to the homeless outside. My dad and mom were ecstatic as they got to see some of their favorite customers smiling and talking about their day while thanking them for the free hot meal. Our customers started to slow down and I was going to start handing out the last bit of blankets we had. Mom and dad were sitting and talking to and old friend of theirs. As I walked around offering blankets I over heard that a man named Jarod has been missing from the camp for a few days now. "It was as if he just disappeared in the middle of the night" One of the ladies said.
Being the good Samaritan I have been all day I sat next to them and asked "I might be able to help. What does he look like?" "well a little taller then you but thinner, he was white with long black hair and had a goatee. Last thing I saw him wearing was a Red hot chili peppers band shirt. It was black and red." I smiled and said "I'll keep an eye out thank you ma'am!" I was walking toward mom, dad and their friend. They were talking really quietly. I'm not sure why but could just be private adult things. "Heyo momma I got all the blankets passed out and the pots and pans are all washed and ready to go" She looked at me and smiled "Ok son, we'll be heading out once everyone is done eating! Thank you!"
I walked back into the food truck to make sure I didn't miss anything. I was cleaning the console of the fryer when I see a something behind it lodged between the wall and it. I reached back and grabbed it with some tongs as my hands were to big to reach down. I yanked and almost fell. It was a black shirt. My heart started racing as I unfolded it. It was a RHCP shirt... Did... Did my parents kill this man? So many things were rushing through my head. I quickly shoved it back as I heard them yelling for me. I moved away from the fryer and yelled "I'm here cleaning up any missed spots momma" My brain was spinning I don't know if I should make a run for it or just act natural.
I decided to stay maybe my parents have a good reason why they have this. Maybe its my brothers I Just don't know anymore. I hear my mother enter the truck and say "alright lets pick up any trash and we can head home. Good job out there." We clean up and all the ride home I was so nervous. MY parents killed someone I'm not sure when or why but they must have it can be coincidence all this happen. Did they kill my brother? Did he find out and die? At this point I was a nervous wreak. I couldn't take it and yelled out and said "Did you guys kill a homeless guy named Jarod? I saw his shirt behind the fryer! Did you kill my brother too you monsters?" I instantly covered my mouth hoping this was just a dream. My dad slammed on the breaks and pulled over. "Champ. We will talk when we get home. Don't do anything stupid we can explain what is going on. It's about time you know." He then just keeps driving like nothing happened. I still didn't know what to do I am terrified. Will they kill me now?
We get home after a long car ride. The gates to our home creak open. I never seemed so ominous that we have a 10ft tall gate around the whole property and a door guard until now. I'm sweating bullets as we pull into the driveway. We head into the home and we all walk to my dads study. I never go in there as its his private work study. The door is heavy and solid wood a dark red with really old hand carved signs that look Celtic in nature. This is my first time entering it but I take it all in. The massive wall of books and the fireplace that has ashes in it still from the winter. The mahogany desk with more of those weird symbols on it. Even the all leather chairs which are super comfy. There's even a couch and a mini fridge. It's smells of old books and wood. The doors close and lock behind me. I gulp and hold me breath as my father says "Champ. I know you are worried but this is a good thing. I've been wanting to tell you this we just never had the time to bring you into this world we work in. My job is more then just desk work." My father points to the tv with a remote and starts to display static. After a few seconds it adjusts to a hidden network. It was a map of Saint Louis with red and blue dots all over moving in and out of frame.
"Today you learn we are hunters. We destroy those who thrive in the dark and are weakened during the day. Evil abominations that look like human but are truly grotesque and wicked. My job is to befriend the homeless population and find the creatures in the groups that stalk them. We call them wendigo. They are intelligent, stronger then any man and very hungry all the time. The food we give out has a small chip in each. We hide our true intent to keep the major population safe and secure. We cannot let anyone know what we do except a few individuals who are working on the inside to keep us informed on who might be one and who isn't. Our motto is We work in the dark so you can thrive in the light." He sighs and says "your brother was going to find one and take it down. He had all his gear ready and it was his first solo hunt but it went south. I almost saved him but the beast got him before I could plunge by blade in its neck." I thought to myself "that's why there was a closed casket..."
"We need another young hunter however we don't want to lose you too. So I'll ask you champ. Will you help save these people with use. Keep the dark corners hidden? Its a burden on certain bloodlines can succeed in. IF you choose to help and fight you cannot back down if you say no we will wipe your memory of this conversation. Keep in mind this isn't easy and you can die." I took a deep breath shaking. In my head I don't want to its terrifying enough knowing some creature can just eat me and I will just be a memory. so I stood up "Yes. I will take the mantel and fight along side you and mom." My mother rushed to me and gave me a hug. "you will do great honey! you are stronger then you think" My dad looked at me with the proudest eyes "Champ! I will call the elders and the induction ritual will start tonight."
"Wait, Ritual?" I asked in a worried tone "Yes boy a ritual. This is an ancient order of very secretive people we have to make sure your body can take the burden. So you must fast until the ritual. We don't want your stomach to burst. It can be really messy" He laughs as he walks past me and grabs my shoulder firmly "I'm serious son this will be very painful so meditate and get your mind and body ready. " He unlocks the door and then goes back to his chair. "I have to make a few phone calls I'll come get you when we are ready. Until then son get rest." I'm confused but I'm sure they know what they are talking about so I'll let fate guide me. I then head to my room and start to lay down hoping to sleep.
I woke up in the middle of a forest. It was eerily silent. I can hear nothing but my own thoughts. At this point I am panicking I start running in one direction. It seems to be never ending. The air is hot and thick and it smells like iron. Breathing is labor intensive I had to slow down to a walk because my lungs felt like they are going to explode. It was then I heard it. My brothers voice it felt like it was close by so I start walking to it. As I got closer it kept getting farther "Come one buddy I need your help!" He kept yelling and it got more and more panicked and labored. I came across a clearing of tall grass. I couldn't see him anywhere and He stopped talking "where are you bro?" I yelled. It was then the iron smell became overbearing and I felt something staring at me. It wasn't my brother. This thing stood out of the tall grass eyes blood red. Horns the size of large deer. It must be easily 10 to 12 feet tall staring me down. It was then It rushed me at inhuman speeds. Arms stretched out screaming the whole way through. I couldn't react in time it took to run and grab me. My arms were snapping like twigs under its immense grip. This thing then opened it immense maw and chomped down on my skull cracking it.
I woke up screaming and covered in sweat. "What the fuck was that" my father entered my room in a hurry "Son!" "I'm ok dad just had a nightmare" I said grasping me chest. It felt so real I can still feel my arms in pain. "what did you see" He asked "Just a large creature in a field it broke my bones and ate my head" He looked at me with fear "Champ its time. This will help you remember that fear it will fuel your will. Remember no matter what happens I love you"
We walk to his study one more time. We sit down as he let 5 other men and 5 women in. I remember them. They are often at the benefit parties my father throws. They all notice me as well and start to say "Oh you have grown! This will be a piece of cake for you just like your brother and father" some say that I look like my father when he was young or how much taller I am then him. My father raises a glass and says "Thank you council members for arriving on such short notice. We have my son whose agreed to be a hunter. I'll open the chamber and the ritual will begin so here's a toast to this brave young man willing to put his life on the line for the greater good." They all then raise their glass and drink the shot. My dad then presses a button above the fireplace. that turns the wall of books lowering into the ground. revealing a secret passage to a larger room made of the same wood as the door. With giant versions of the symbols on the door. They all walk in and my dad motions me to the room.
I walk in and was asked to stand at the center as all 10 people surrounded me roughly 5 feet apart and 5 feet from me in a circle formation. They then all pull out a knife and my father brings me a chair and asks me to sit. I sit down terrified wandering "What is going to happen are they going to stab me?" One walks to me and says "Are you ready sir?" I gulp down my fear and say "yes I'm ready" They then all gather around me knife in hand. They all start to chant in a language I don't understand. Once it stopped the chair suddenly manifests large wooden hands that grab my arms, legs and head while covering my mouth. I though am I going to die here? As one of the members start carving these symbols into my arms and legs the pain was intense and I can feel my hot fluids leaking and pouring down my leg and arms. It felt to last forever and I can feel my consciousness leaving my body. I snap back into reality when the arms let me go and I collapse on the floor. No longer in pain but covered in blood.
My dad lifts me up and asks "look at your arms son you passed the ritual! This is the first time in almost a thousand years someone has been able to endure the full ritual." I looks down and all the symbols on my arms and legs turned a bright blue and then faded away. I then felt a sudden surge of energy go into my body, mind and soul. I felt stronger. I can hear my father speaking but it was if he was in slow motion everyone was cheering but it felt like ages have passed before one can finish even a simple blink. I was shaking to my core as I notice time is getting slower and slower before it stops completely. It was then something else entered the room. I being I felt no fear from. It wasn't scary but more comforting. It looked at me and spoke in my mind "We've been waiting for the perfect host. Today we found one. Tom I am an ancient being of the light. If you accept me into your soul we will become one body and mind. You will have the controls I will just be the assistant in those. My name is Uriel and together we will cleanse the evil from this plain" I replied with an instant "Yes, I accept you" Uriel floated toward me as all of its knowledge and power flowed through my body and soul.
I then passed out waking up just recently. Tonight is my first hunt I will update you guys shortly. Until then beware what company you keep they may just be evil.
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2021.11.29 12:32 Arctides Need Help choosing a Diamond

I have decided to order through Clean Origin but I am having a hard time determining what the best stone would be from the available options. I am looking to stay in the 1.65-1.75C range since we tried on different rings earlier in the year and she felt anything above that looked too big on her hands. I have been looking at Clean Origin's Heart & Arrow collection with Ideal Cut, F Color, and VVS1 Clarity. There are more options at VSS2 Clarity but E for color, is that a better option? Of those listed, most of the video looks the same to me, so what specifically should I be looking at to determine the best one? It would be set on this ring (https://www.cleanorigin.com/margot-solitaire-ring-sh434-s41-e-14ky-rd/). Thanks for any advice!
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2021.11.29 12:32 blueguy333 I hate Base Battle (solo player)

it's a mode that requires good teamplay and i play solo so most of the time its just a messy brawl or one team stomps, its very rare that i actually have a equally matched base battle. I just lost a base battle as deidara and had 3 premades in my team they all sucked ass, even though they can actually communicate with each other they sucked complete ass and just tried to kill enemies. I was the only one who got an s because i was the only one who actually tried capturing a base. I still dont get why i cant choose which mode i want to play.
Is there any way i can avoid base battle?
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Ich finde das wiederbeleben des Reddit gut also kommt hier hin und werdet alle Rippchen. King wer die Anspielung noch kennt.
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2021.11.29 12:32 do_it5432 Fedora 35 not recognizing local disk to install

I’m installing fedora 35 on my laptop and when I go through the gui install process I get to the select disk stage and there is no local disk to select.
I currently have windows installed.
Any tips or suggestions.
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Wondering how many spent cash, splurged on unit deals, or perhaps…did you decide to take a hard pass on everything?
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