Luca here with the best waifus

2021.10.27 00:40 DateGroundbreaking11 Luca here with the best waifus

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2021.10.27 00:40 coffeedice Need help with networking basics.

I'm starting to explore PFSense and it's exposing my lack of basic understanding of how networking works. Hoping to relearn the basics. I have watched countless videos and read many sites on how individual things work, but I still can't piece them all together.
ISP -> ONT/modem in my home. Okay, I know modem =/= ONT, but it is written on the blackbox given by my ISP
Qn1a: What comes out of an ONT? Bits or frames?
Qn 1b: Is the ONT my network edge device?
Qn 1c: Is this my gateway device?
I have ONT -> TP-Link's TL-SG105E.
Qn 2: Is this switch a Layer 2 or Layer 3 device? The options in manual sometimes mentions frames(VLAN), sometimes it mentions packets(QoS), sometimes it mentions both (storm control)
Qn 2a: If the egress of the modem is in bits, then does the switch converts bits -> frames?
Qn 2b: What come out of a switch? Frames or Packets? I think it's packets cause the devices connected to the network have IP addresses (I dont know the correct reason why it's packet but I feel it should be). But I'm also confused cause if the ONT is my gateway device, then all the devices are within the same gateway so it should be frames.
Switch -> PFSense Box (Firewall Device)
Disclaimer: I haven't read fully the manual of PFSense. I'm struggling with the basics so I can't really follow through. I may mix up what PFSense is and is not. I also understand that not all features might be for me, please point it out if it's not likely to be for me. The following questions aren't so much specific to PFSense but more of firewall devices.
Qn 3: The PFSense documents talks about it being the Gateway. If the PFSense box is the Gateway, it is my network edge device right?
Qn3a: If the PFSense box is the Gateway and is my network edge device right? Does that mean the whole of internet constantly hits my ONT and switch considering it is upstream of the PFSense box?
Bonus Question: My understanding of WAN is that it is used for a commercial building's network, and a home's network is LAN. But that might be too simple an understanding. If I have several VLANs, should any of the above devices have WAN interface?
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2021.10.27 00:40 deefswen Buried 6 Hours Into FDA Video: Doctor Admits They'll 'Never' Know 'How Safe the Vaccine Is Unless We Start Giving It'

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2021.10.27 00:40 D1ssagenic 2 of my favorite pictures in my park

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2021.10.27 00:40 funge_isthename LOOK AT THE CHAT

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2021.10.27 00:40 DickGrayson4 Megacorporations and billionaires are changing lives for the better

Google provides free educational oppornuties and has job initiaves for minorites. They provide free educational courses that allow people to get jobs. They, through YouTube, have provided people with a way to be filmmakers, musicians,, and activists that has no parallel. Amazon has provided a way for people to publish books cheaply and to sell merchandise easily. Elon Musk has turned normal people into crypto millionaires and stock millionaires.
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2021.10.27 00:40 FrostyyOG A couple questions

Hey everyone, I’ve been an on again- off again player of DBD for several years now and I had a couple questions regarding KBM
I actively play on Xbox One, so I was wondering if there is anyway to use KBM on console.
I also bought a PC and I really wanted to try it out on PC but is it possible to link my profiles? It would be a major drag to try and unlock all of the perks I have again.
Lastly, if I do play on PC, is it possible to still play with my friends on console? I know it’s cross platform now so I was curious if you can have cross platform lobbies. Then I would be able to use KBM while my friends still play on their consoles.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.27 00:40 pineda2020 Why am I going to send you to hell today?

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2021.10.27 00:40 Motor-Artichoke4120 Sump Pump Outlet through Stone Foundation

New problem for me, need to determine how to get a sump pump to drain through a stone foundation. Previous owners installed footer drains that lead to a sump but no pump or pipe to drain the pump outside. Stone foundation is crumbling and there's a gutter downspout drain nearby. Just need help figuring out how to get through the stone without collapsing (and help doing it if anyone is bored).
Current thought is to remove stones large enough to pass pipe through then mortar around. Really concerned about if it will collapse when I remove stones. Help!
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2021.10.27 00:40 LivingTechno Nørus & Dj Whipr Snipr teamed up to release a new EP, ‘Sporthsgoth’.

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2021.10.27 00:40 ihatetheheadlines The Carmen Mola revelation says a lot about how men will use women for their personal gain

To start off, yes not all men! But what happened here NEEDS to be talked about.
If you aren’t big into books i’ll give you the short story. Carmen Mola was a really popular mystery/crime novelist from Spain. What made her stand out in her genre was the element of female empowerment/feminism in her books. They were marketed “by women for women”.
Recently she was nominated for and award and won, but three men came out on stage to accept it, the truth was revealed. This has obviously left a lot of people upset and feeling rightfully deceived.
Lying is wrong of these three men, but it especially stung when they did it under the guise of feminism. I personally think that adds salt to the wound.
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2021.10.27 00:40 ToHalla Timeless “Half Gram” size battery and zippo- like protective case (included) - I’m in love!

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2021.10.27 00:40 andreenden i miss my aot phase so much !!

i got into aot last year back during december and omg…i was so addicted to the show and everything. i read so many fanfics kept up to date with the show got into SO many arguments defending my favorite characters etc …. i really miss it honestly. 😭
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2021.10.27 00:40 cryptoplatforms Musk Rips Democrats Tax Plans? Is He right? US and China Attack the Rich! Nigel Green CEO

Musk Rips Democrats Tax Plans? Is He right? US and China Attack the Rich! Nigel Green CEO
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2021.10.27 00:40 ZeLlamaMaster I tried to make some custom mountains by using the already existing terrain and making it larger and better, thoughts?

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2021.10.27 00:40 NosesabeBiker Pepegacard

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2021.10.27 00:40 nuggiesandhuggies I wanna cuddle my crush jskfxfgv

I think I’m doing a good job so far bc we talk every time we see each other in class and we’re going somewhere together outside of class soon, but sometimes I feel like I just wanna skip to the point and start snuggling heheheh
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2021.10.27 00:40 ghostbits1 new grower

can someone help me with a feeding chart?
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2021.10.27 00:40 Weezy-NJPW_Fan Joey Janela: “Send @starb0ycharlie positive vibes bad leg injury at a show tonight in California, no one deserves that especially someone that has been working as hard as him.”

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2021.10.27 00:40 daiyth Feeling frustrated and incompetent as a new software engineer working in an unfamiliar tech stack . Is this normal?

Some background information, I am currently working as a software engineer for a company I have been with for two months. Prior to that, I was in a six month boot camp where I primarily learned full stack development, specifically in web development. I REALLY loved being able to provide end-to-end solutions and building a whole website from concept to reality. I grew a huge passion for front-end engineering and hoped to continue that.
The company I work for is a rotational program for new, post-grad engineers. Therefore the first rotation is completely randomly so I was placed on a DevOps team whose tech stack is oriented around Python, Terraform, Groovy, etc. as well as working with pipelines and CICD pipelines/architecture. Languages I do not know whatsoever and a field of engineer I have zero experience in. I know there is no standard for new engineers to be building out new features and my manager made that clear which eased my anxiety. But now I’m two months in, and I still feel like I don’t know shit. There is so much going on in the team, so many different projects being worked on, and I feel like there is no true place for me. Every project still is something that I barely have experience in and I feel so much anxiety not being able to contribute to the team. My manager again continues to tell me that our team is complex and that everyone who has been on the team experienced the same thing as me. I appreciate his words of encouragement but that doesn’t combat the issue that I don’t feel like in contributing. Also they aren’t really setting me up for success with knowledge transfers and really breaking things down for me.
I’m not sure what to do if I should self-study, or continuously bring this up to my manager. I don’t want to sound whiny but I can’t stand feeling anxious not doing anything. I feel that my other friends who joined the program when I did (and went to the same boot camp) are already contributing to their teams, writing code, moving stories etc. where as I can barely even understand what is going on with these new technologies ive never worked with. I feel extremely overwhelmed and stranded. Any advice on how I should approach this, or just encouragement that I need to be telling myself?
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2021.10.27 00:40 thongtran38 3080ti

I bought an Asus tuf 3080ti for $1800. Is it a ripped off? This is my first time building a pc so I dont know
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2021.10.27 00:40 yesokyesgreat i need help pls if I trade autumn and winter 19 for hh19 what does the hh19 person need to add

Like what halo or what adds would be fair I’m not super into trading anymore I’m just tired of my halos but still want to get a fair trade
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2021.10.27 00:40 No_Pumpkin_5783 xxxNifty, their token [N$FW]|100x GEM| | 2 Top 10 Exchanges coming | $10M MC | | 2 Platforms, 1 Utility token [N$FW] | Don't miss this MoonShot! #1 OnlyFans Star Amouranth sold out NFTs in 15min on our Marketplace!

xxxNIFTY The World's Largest Adult NFT Marketplace. Powered by [NSFW] TOKEN. - Pleasurely (OnlyFans Replacement) Alpha launch! - 500+ premium NFTs sold to date - 80+ Approved Creators. More joining daily - Low Marketcap [ 10M MC ] - Team growth and expanding - 8 Studio Partnerships and counting - 8 Brand Ambassadors - Tech rate Audit approved - Daily NFT drops - Marketing RAMPED up for Token Growth - Registered business & Doxxed Team Join Telegram for updates
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2021.10.27 00:40 SquidKid47 Curse how interactive this game is

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2021.10.27 00:40 meditating_melon Never seen a "looking for a story" post that hasn't been answered so maybe y'all could help

I don't remember all that much about it except that the narrator is a little girl who lives with or maybe visits her grandpa in a remote house in the woods and there's some kinda monster in the woods that torments her? I know it's not much but someone's got to know!
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