SHE's OLD Enuf

2021.10.27 02:03 Old_Safety1952 SHE's OLD Enuf

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2021.10.27 02:03 swagNextTuber Atlanta Blasts Its Way to a Win, but Loses an Ace

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2021.10.27 02:03 swagNextTuber Rob Manfred and Tony Clark Discuss CBA and Tomahawk Chop

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2021.10.27 02:03 Plastic_Accountant51 SHIB 🔝🔝🔝

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) NFT Floor Price Surpasses 1 ETH After $20 Million Were Traded
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2021.10.27 02:03 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Octane] [Cobalt Octane: RLCS 2021-22] [Crimson Flamethrower] [Crimson Rival]

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2021.10.27 02:03 w__4-Wumbo I love autumn and winter so much, I hate fighting with my own head just to enjoy my time on this earth

I love all the natural browns and reds that come around, the cooler temperatures, all the smells and sounds.
Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love costumes and treats and all the decorations. Skeletons, spiders, witches etc. It's all so fun to me
I wish I could just be happy and enjoy this time of the year. I don't know what's wrong with me, I wish I could just enjoy the world without my own mind and body getting in the way of my casual daily happiness.
I hate this
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2021.10.27 02:03 Verozzan Finally got these 3 to shine, i have a few 5iv chlorophyll Bulbasaur if anyone wants to give them a good home.

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2021.10.27 02:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: pharmaceutist

pharmaceutist: one skilled in pharmacy
See tree for pharmaceutist:
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2021.10.27 02:03 tarotq Girl puts on bracelet, can become animals

There's this father and daughter duo who steal artifacts and replace them with replicas. The daughters name is Scarlett/Scar which is mostly used. The cover has a silver cheetah print pattern it's often mentioned in the book that they live in a cul de sac, please reply if you know it and thank you
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2021.10.27 02:03 bestarmylol Who is this (Wrong answers only)

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2021.10.27 02:03 Kreedie_ I finally decided to draw Twilight, as she's one of my favourites 😊

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2021.10.27 02:03 Worker-Own A walk in the garden.

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2021.10.27 02:03 MarkoOttoYT Who is winning this fight? It's kind of debatable

I have been seeing people debating on Shisui vs Itachi so I think I should review people's own decision...
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2021.10.27 02:03 mikejackson6177 How Software Development Can Integrate Lean Manufacturing Principles

The lean manufacturing principles (or lean production) originate from the manufacturing industry and has proved to be a useful insight for several businesses. It was in 1988 when the President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America, John Krafcik, coined the term ‘Lean’. Toyota Motor Corp. inspired Krafcik as he saw how they improved their automotive production via their famous ‘The Toyota Way’ in the 1930s. According to this system, any action is useless if it does not improve a car’s performance. Now, the software industry is also enjoying these principles and call it Lean Software Development (LSD).
Toyota argued that ‘inefficient procedures’ are actually a waste of resources and ultimately removed them from its manufacturing process. Software development and the IT industry can also adopt this philosophy to optimize software production, minimize ‘waste’ and maximize customer relationships. In short, lean production is more than just a way of producing goods; it has become an agile model of conducting business.
If we research on “lean manufacturing principles” regarding software development, Lean Software Development (LSD) Principles often appear on search pages. These principles are a mirror image of what Toyota created for themselves but molded for IT & web development works. In other words, LSD is an agile framework that optimizes development time and resources. It is a method that reduces wastage and delivers exactly what clients require. Learn More
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2021.10.27 02:03 Common-Spirit6677 Rakuten Lines Up an Ambitious Virtualized Mobile Network Plan

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2021.10.27 02:03 lady_haybear Oh, someone's politely explaining the benefits of gendering fictional characters correctly? SEEMS LIKE POLITICS TO ME

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2021.10.27 02:03 NJ_A Stupid question, am I missing out on rewards if I don’t ever woof my rewards from staking? I’ve never seen my rewards from staking and I was told months ago when swap first dropped they automatically all are automatically staked as well and I don’t need to worry about it?

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2021.10.27 02:03 Matlabguru Python Packages for Data Science

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2021.10.27 02:03 Macadelic19 is this orange color accurate?

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2021.10.27 02:03 tomatosauce1238i Only 2 products per page on shop page

I have a woocommerce site I am trying to build. Iv added a few products but only 2 products show up on the products page at a time. To view the 3rd, need to switch to the next page.
I've checked the customize setting on woocommerce and have it so there are 4 products per row. I am using Neve theme.
How do i enable so that the page shows more than 2 products? Thanks.
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2021.10.27 02:03 Intrepid-Box-6898 Got offered Aaron Jones and Marquise Brown for Najee Harris, opinions?

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2021.10.27 02:03 WesternLivid4098 Outside of England so can’t use All 4 :(

Does anyone anyone know of another way to watch series 3 please?
Thank you so much
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2021.10.27 02:03 n0laloth The Justice of Kings cover by Martina Fačková

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2021.10.27 02:03 Bengals5721 I think I just stumbled on something interesting with another potential GME and PLTR connection

Awhile back there was a post that theorized that GameStop may be working with palantir, refer to this post
It is already interesting enough that there is a palantir foundry domain name for GME. Palantir is known to use different types of names for their clients and at times not even announce the customers they are working with to keep their partnership secret at the request of the partner company (something GameStop has told us they are doing).
check this out to see ab PLTR secrecy
We’ll today it was announced that PLTR is officially working on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Cool right? Well well well, that’s not the best part. If you look at palantirs new page for blockchain you can see that not only are they working with exchanges they are also and I quote “Foundry for Crypto allows Web3 startups to build complex workflows on top of dApp metadata with rapid speed, enabling data-driven internal product roadmaps, external campaigns, and governance measures” yep that’s right, a few days after GameStop posts Web3 job openings Palantir announces their new software that helps foster Web3 companies.
Obviously this is all my speculation but I thought it was quite intriguing and there seems to be a lot of coincidences. Please let me know what you think.
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2021.10.27 02:03 CryptoMagia $OTIUM | 4 days left for IDO on Pinksale | 1st of its kind Utility Token: Revolutionizing the Hotel & Tourism Industry 🏨✈️🌎 | Massive Marketing Campaign | BSC Gem 💎

📣ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE IDO! Join the IDO on PINKSALE to be part of the Tourism Crypto Revolution :
1 –💥OTIUM TECH is an industry 1st ! It’s the first to propose blockchain services at this level of use to the major companies of Tourism and Leisure business. ALL COMPANIES WHICH ARE THE FIRST IN THEIR MARKETS ALWAYS END UP WITH A HIGHER VALUATION. The original is always worth more than a copy!
2 – 💥OTIUM TECH is launched by a team of senior industry experts, assisted with high skilled programming professionals and legal advisers. 14 doxxed knowledgeable professionals fully committed to the project!
3 – 💥It is ALREADY SELLING the services, even before the official smart contract launch: Contacts are already established with major Hotel Chains to build for them the perfect customer loyalty plan, based on blockchain technology! The need for OTIUM TECH solutions exists already!
4 – 💥It REALLY has funds for development, including funds for a true high scale marketing campaign. OTIUM TECH is not waiting for the first sales to launch its marketing campaign. Press release, online advertisement, etc. are being deployed right now. And it’s only the start! OTIUM is not a small project waiting for community to add their own money for marketing funds! OTIUM is not a project, it’s already a company!
5 – 💥It has passed all the tests for the classical crypto requirements including: Solidproof Audit & KYC, Liquidity locked, 18 months vested tokens for the team, fully doxxed team. It is legit !
Join us on Telegram for more info and direct contact with the team, or visit the following links.
🌎Social networks and links🌎 ➡️Website ➡️Reddit ➡️Telegram Otium Overseas Official ➡️Youtube ➡️Whitepaper
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